Saturday, March 16, 2013

Heart of the Ocean - Heather B. Moore

As a member of author Heather B. Moore's critique group I have had the opportunity to read this book in the many stages of draft, and every time the book has gotten better. Now in its publication draft, I can only say WOW! Despite being familiar with the characters and plot from my previous readings, this version totally pulled me into the story and I soon found myself so engaged that I couldn't put it down. I wanted to be right on the stormy cliffs, thrilled yet terrified of entering the lighthouse, and anxious to discover not only how the paranormal mystery played out, but also about the decisions Eliza Robinson would have to make concerning romance and Jonathan Porter. The story is so compelling, I'm currently reading it for a second time, engaged by the nuances and foreshadowing I didn't catch on previous readings. If you love a good ghost story, or are in the mood for a romance, Heart of the Ocean is the book for you.

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