Friday, March 14, 2014

Longing For Home: Hope Springs -- Sarah M. Eden

Are you looking for something special to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? Give yourself a treat by reading Longing for Home and its sequel Hope Springs by Sarah M. Eden. This set of Irish Westerns from Shadow Mountain’s Proper Romance series will touch your heart, and once you read the first one you will not want to wait a minute until beginning the second.

Kate Macauley was looking for a position as a housekeeper. What she got was so much more. Tossed into the middle of an explosive feud between the American farmers and the Irish immigrants in the small town of Hope Springs, Wyoming, Kate never anticipated that she would meet two men and fall in love with them both. Yet her broken heart over the family she left behind in Ireland tears at her soul and just might be enough to cause her to give both of them up, no matter how important they have come to her healing.

A story of redemption, romance, and the constant question, “How can Kate repair the animosity between her beloved Irish and the rest of the community?” Kate faces her situation head on and teaches everyone a thing or two. But blood will be shed and danger appears on her very doorstep. Book one will have you longing for more, and book two may threaten to rip your heart out, but I guarantee you will be satisfied by the choices Kate makes in the end.

Remember to keep a box of tissue handy. You’ll likely need it.

If you'd like to know more about Sarah, and about her series, watch this video:

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